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Best of 2020!

Yes, the year-end lists have started to come out, and we are grateful that The Baja California Cookbook is garnering notice.

You can order The Baja California Cookbook from Powell's, Barnes & Noble, Pegasus Books, Amazon, Four Eyed Frog or Green Apple Books.

The Baja California Cookbook

The Baja California Cookbook, which I co-authored with Mexican chef David Castro Hussong, is a lifestyle and travel cookbook celebrating the cuisine of Baja California, Mexico. It is published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Publishers Weekly says: "A deep passion for Baja cuisine shines through in this colorful collection of tantalizing recipes."

Booklist starred its review (indicating "a work judged to be outstanding in its genre") and says: "Coupled with its compelling narrative, this collection of recipes and photographs will spark increased tourism to Baja California....A bona fide travel and kitchen companion."

Library Journal says: "a relaxed journey through Mexico’s Baja California with 60 recipes perfectly representative of the region....These masterful recipes and vivid photographs will transport any home chef to Baja."

About Me

In the early 2000s, I left corporate life to open The Linkery, one of San Diego’s first farm-to-table restaurants.

Locally, our food was well-received, while the restaurant’s progressive no-tipping business model, and the national movement it started, was covered extensively in the New York Times. We shook the establishment: our City Attorney threatened me with fines and jail time, then backed down when outraged citizens spontaneously flooded her office with phone calls.

Afterward, my essays were picked up by major online publishers, including Slate, and a series of my blog posts went viral, attracting over half a million readers in a few months. Meanwhile, Pulitzer-Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold said I wrote “the best restaurant blog in America.”

In 2013 I closed the Linkery and moved to Oakland, California, where I embarked on a couple more restaurant adventures before moving into a full-time career as a writer.


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